“You’re about to go off into the world and be a man,” the teacher said, her eyes brimming with proud tears.  “But I have one last thing to teach you.”

The young graduate sat down and leaned forward, attentively, always the good student, eager to please the woman who had guided him through his rigorous studies.

The teacher lifted her skirt, delighting in how the young graduate’s eyes widened with awe.

“What is it?” he asked, kneeling down to get a closer look, inspecting it with the seriousness of a scientist.

“It’s the most important subject of study,” she said, her voice now soft and low and humming. “It’s the question, the answer, the motivation.  Here,” she said, spreading herself open, unveiling varying shades of pink, unfolding and multiplying into her depths, kaleidoscope-like.  “Come inside.”

He reached forward, hesitant,  excited, sliding his finger past her seal as though opening a present, careful not to disturb the wrapping.  But despite the small, delicate packaging, inside she churned and undulated powerfully, and he felt himself adrift in an endless ocean that both terrified and beckoned him.  He wanted to slip beneath the surface entirely, his cock rising and straining towards the treacherous waters and their mysterious magnetic pull.  Be careful, he said to himself.  But he was already gone.


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